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Walking on the sunny side in Dorf Tirol

This little village – also simply known as Tirol or Tirolo - prides itself with over 300 sunny days a year offering home to a floral melting pot of cypresses, palms, lemon trees and evergreens. Located in the surroundings of Meran, the village offers the ideal starting point for an excursion to the spa town. Walks around themes as apple and wine give a new perspective of the village and its surroundings; other destinations include the ten Spronser Lakes or the ancient farms “Muthöfe”; as well as theme walks as the apple, wine or panorama trail and the so-called "Waalwege" in Riffian, Partschins, Algund and Marling

Castle Tyrol in the commune of Dorf Tirol was long the home of the Lords of Tirol. In the 14th century they moved to Innsbruck, and henceforth the castle was forgotten. Today the castle holds an extensive museum informing about the region and its history and provides the site for many events, such as the musical happenings in the summer months performing works from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Baroque; and during the “Tyrolean Cultural Spring” folk music can be heard on the streets of the village.

About air shows in Dorf Tirol

Animal friends find on the sunny hillside of Castle Tyrol a Nursing Home for birds. Injured wild birds are given here professional and loving care, and shelter until they have healed accordingly and are taken back to wilderness. If you are lucky you can witness here unique air shows where falcons, eagles, owls, buzzards – why, even vultures show their gratitude towards the human caretakers by performing a spectacular air show, outshining every mechanical vehicle ever created.

The numerous mountain lodges, alpine cabins, inns, wine-taverns, restaurants and hotels in Dorf Tirol in the environs of Meran invite you to make your pick among the best alpine and Mediterranean dishes and the complementary fine wines. Find here the most beautiful hotel in Dorf Tirol in South Tyrol.

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Merano and Environs - Dorf Tirol
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