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Immerse yourself in the nature of Burgstall

Within orchards and vineyards lies the sunny village Burgstall in South Tyrol. The village borders Gargazon, Meran, Lana, Vöran and Mölten – providing a popular holiday destination in every season.

Castle Burgstall

In the enchanting nature of Burgstall in the environs of Meran, meander a spectacular amount of walking and cycle paths. A four km long path leads to the remains of Castle Burgstall – name giver for this village. Also the „Sunnseitnweg“ (=the walk on the sunny side) is a popular walk leading from Burgstall to the neighouring village Vöran. If you want to escape the high summery temperatures in the valley, you find plenty of fresh air on Mt. Tschöggelberg. Discover the unique and diverse flora and fauna up-close in the biotope and Animal Museum in Burgstall.

Those who prefer to pedal along, are best advised to take a trip on the cycle path of Etschtal all the way to the capital Bozen. Other fantastic destinations are Castle Trauttmansdorff in Meran, Mölten or Hafling.

„Knottn-Cinema“ in Vöran

The neighbouring village Vöran offers an outdoor cinema throughout the year: The „Knottn-Cinema“ high up on Rotsteinkogel on Mt. Tschöggelberg! Without commercial breaks you can enjoy here on chestnut-chairs a breathtaking spectacle written, performed, directed and produced by Mother Nature personally. Immerse yourself in the views of the Etschtal, the Dolomites, Ultental, Texel Group, Meran and Passeiertal.

Do not miss the culinary delights in the charming hotels in Burgstall! If you would like to enjoy the pristine nature and heartfelt hospitality of this village, find here the most beautiful hotels in Burgstall in South Tyrol!

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  • Hotel Muchele
    Hotel Muchele * * * * S
    Merano and Environs - Burgstall
    Small, individual, refreshingly casual, unaffectedly designed and lovingly managed – for design lovers, individualists and wine connoisseurs.
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Hotel Muchele
Hotel Muchele * * * * S
Merano and Environs - Burgstall
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Castle Burgstall


Mt. Tschöggelberg


Animal Museum

Cycle path of Etschtal


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