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Pure nature in Prad am Stilfserjoch

Have you ever heard of „Zusslrennen“? By the sound of it, it can only be one of the numerous South Tyrolean customs you reckon? You are right indeed. The so-called „Zusslrennen“ is organised on carnival Thursday, a day when the foolish goings-on reach their peak. Men and boys alike parade across the alleys of Prad in Vinschgau, dressed in white wearing colourful masks. Some of them wearing cowbells weighing up to 20 kg, which – or rather the sound of them - are supposed to chase away the evil ghosts and the cold winter. What exactly the word „Zusslrennen“ means, can only be answered by a local.

The area around the commune Prad belongs mainly to the Stilfserjoch National Park. It lies at the foot of pass Stilfserjoch (or Stelvia pass) in the South Tyrolean Vinschgau, together with the villages Agums and Lichtenberg. The name might give the impression that the village is situated directly at the pass, in reality Prad lies at about 900 m above sealevel in the fertile valley. The actual pass lies nearly 20 km away.

The highest pass road in Italy

The road leading to the pass of Stilfserjoch is with 2.757 meters the highest pass road in Italy and possibly also the most extraordinary one. The road offers a spectacular view over rugged rock formations, distant summit crosses and glacial massifs. With a length of 49 km the road of Stilfserjoch has 48 curves on the South Tyrolean and 34 curves on the other side in Lombardy.

Visit also the nearby villages to experience the diversity of the region, for instance the smallest town in South Tyrol Glurns or Reschen at the legendary Lake Reschen. In the surroundings of Prad you find six ski areas: Watles, Tarsch and Sulden in the heart of Ortler with three ski areas in one. Astonish at the beautiful nature, the friendly people, the wonderful hotels in Prad and book here the most beautiful hotels in Prad am Stilfserjoch in South Tyrol.

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  • Garden Park Hotel
    Garden Park Hotel * * * *
    Vinschgau - Prad
    Excellent cuisine, comfortable and relaxing ambience, familiar atmosphere, immersed in nature.
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Garden Park Hotel
Garden Park Hotel * * * *
Vinschgau - Prad
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Prad am Stilfserjoch
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Pass Stilfserjoch

"Zusslrennen" - Carnival in Prad

Ski Area Watles, Tarsch or Sulden

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