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Mythical play of colours at Karersee

Deep in the South Tyrolean Dolomites, at 1.500 meters height, lies the mythical lake Karersee. The crystal-clear water mirrors Mt. Rosengarten and Latemar, a spectacle that has enthused so far every visitor. When the water level sinks in summer, one can witness the sandbank where the mermaid of Lake Karersee used to lay to soak up the sun. Enchanted by her incomparable beauty, an evil sorcerer tried to catch her. To succeed in his plan, he created a ravishing rainbow, reaching from the lake all the way to the summits of Latemar. Fascinated by this play of colours, she approached. However, when she saw the evil sorcerer, she disappeared to the depths of the water and was seen no more. Disappointed and angry the sorcerer destroyed the rainbow. All its parts fell into the water, which since then impresses visitors with its kaleidoscopic beauty.

A Fairy-Tale-Walk leads from Karerpass to the lake and further, down to the valley and to Welschnofen. The walk leads over the meadows of Latemar to Mitterleger and through the Karerforest to the lake. From here the path continues over the forest road to Welschnofen in Eggental.

Golfing in the nature reserve Rosengarten Latemar

The hikers’ paradise Rosengarten Latemar with the ski area Carezza is only 20 minutes from Bozen and comprises over a walking net of approximately 530 km – one of the densest road nets in South Tyrol. During summer public buses bring visitors to the starting points of the walks. Modern lifts ascend all the way to the summits of the mountains of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Nature Heritage. During winter a ski-kindergarten, 15 lifts and about 40 km of slopes offer winter sports enthousiastss descents on every level. A ski bus brings visitors directly from the hotels in Karersee to the lifts of the ski area.

Not far from there, at an altitude of over 1.600 meters, golfing has been followed with a passion already 100 years ago. The 9-hole-course Golf Club Karersee does not only offer 400 meters of altitude difference, that have to be overcome, but also an incredible view of the surrounding mountains. If you would like to spend your vacation within this incomparable setting, find here the most beautiful hotels in Karersee in the South Tyrolean Eggental.

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  • Hotel Alpenrose
    Hotel Alpenrose * * * *
    Eggental - Karersee
    Experience the magnificent mountain world of the Dolomites with its crystal clear air in a natural way & enjoy holistic relaxation!
  • Moseralm Dolomiti Spa Resort
    Moseralm Dolomiti Spa Resort * * * * S
    Eggental - Karersee
    Holidays at 1580 meters high at Moseralm Dolomiti Spa Resort, directly on the slopes of the ski resort Karersee, a short distance from the lake and golf course, with stunning views and a large wellnes
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Hotel Alpenrose
Hotel Alpenrose * * * *
Eggental - Karersee
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Moseralm Dolomiti Spa Resort
Moseralm Dolomiti Spa Resort * * * * S
Eggental - Karersee
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Lake Karersee



Rosengarten Latemar

Carezza: Ski Area & Golf Club


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